At ABCya, we help old and young players find new themed games. Play many games including ABCya3, educational games for kids and more on! Friv. ! is a great place to play the very best free games. All these html5 games can be played on your mobile, pad and tablet directly without installation. Enjoy!

Animal Puzzles

Let's play our new puzzle game called Animal Puzzles. In this game you have 12 puzzles with animals pictures. Assemble them by changing to place the pieces. To change drag parts up to another position. Completed a level, go to the next. In each level you have limited time for which need to complete it. Controls: Mouse or Tap

Baby Taylor Ballet Class

Baby Taylor has always loved the elegant and beautiful dance of ballet. Her dream is to perform ballet on stage. Now her dream will come true! Because Taylor's mom decided to take her to dance school to learn ballet. Come and help Taylor learn ballet! Could you make Taylor realize her dream of performing on stage? Have fun in this game! Controls: Mouse click or tap to play

Santa Deers Match 3

Santa Deers Match 3 – this cool game three in a row, in which you have to put the blocks of the same color in a series of three pieces or more to achieve the highest possible score, be careful to account the scale to the left did not fall too low, otherwise the game will be over. Enjoy the game! Controls: Mouse or Tap

Cute Pet Friends

Play and take care of two sweet virtual pets: cat Kiki and dog Fifi. Give a bubble bath, shower, clean up, brush fur, polish nails, and design the perfect outfits for your virtual pets. Build a house and design the sweetest home for them. A perfect game for kids who want to have a cat or a dog and love taking care of cute virtual pets! Controls: Mouse or tap to play.

Cube Shape Up

The pictures of the animals have been destroyed and the squares have been rotated. Can you help the animals to return to their original appearance? Controls: Tap to play.

Water Slide Car Racing Sim

Welcome to water Surfer car floating race simulation game with new water and surfing environment and brand new luxury cars. challenging levels to complete and finish in given time. The ultimate insane racing car simulator is endless 3D adventure for those who are searching for exciting challenging crazy racing game on frozen tracks.  You have played many water racing games like water surfer car racing game, water surfer bus game, water surfer jet racing game and many others similar to it till now, you will have enjoyed a lot but this is very simple and more amusing among all. Where you experience the fastest thrilling adventure of 3D sports car on top speed race. Snow car racing gives you an experience of reckless race on deadly snowy frozen track with realistic racing. Please share it with your friends. Join your friends right now in the game to get the chance to start with the most intriguing challenge ever. Allow yourself to participate in some games of other generals such as Beach Bike Stunt Racing and Jet Ski Stunt Driver at  Controls: Mouse

Survival Wave Zombie Multiplayer

Survival Wave Zombie Multiplayer free to play against much enemy AI like soldier and realistic zombie, 5 game modes like gun game, survival, TDM, DM and much more, multiplayer play with friends and camo + attachments at each gun.  You do not have to experience this challenge alone when you share it with your friends. Invite your friends to join you right now in the game so you can train yourself to memorize well. Further fun on a few other similar game genres like Jetpack Jump and Sniper Clash 3D at 

Extreme Thumb War

Extreme Thumb War is an interesting reflection game suitable for 2 players to play. Choose a thumb character between more than 20 thumb characters and prove your skills against your friends or CPU! There are two columns in the game: health column and power column.   For starters you have to know that you can play this game in 2 player mode, or in single player mode; After choosing the character you want to fight with, you will have to make an effort to win all the battles you have and to prove yourself that you are able to make KO the adversary. Once you hit it with your thumb you will have to try to strangle it and keep it down until its life runs out to win every fight. Beat your opponent and win the match in the Extreme Thumb War! Each game is a new war that you will have to win extremely quickly as a professional. What is funny about this game is that your fingers are camouflaged with certain masks or have a human shape. On the left and right of the game is the life of each participant, try to make as many good moves as possible to bring down your opponent. With such elaborated gameplay and useful tips, are you ready to enhance your observation, problem-solving skills with this game at The harder trials of puzzles and quizzes can be found here such as Geometry Dash and Pottery Online, which will be quite a challenge for beginners. 

Beach Bike Stunt Racing

Beach Bike Stunt Racing is a cool dirt bike stunt game to perform the most amazing jumps online on abcya free games. Hop on your motorbike and speed through different stages packed with ramps and obstacles, or start a mission transporting items into a ship driving through water and dunes. Also, you can play the transport game mode, in which you need to collect boxes and take them all the way to your ship te earn points. In this 3D bike racing game you can choose to play for points collecting rings scattered all over the field, that will also grant you some extra seconds to keep on going. Set the highest score possible on each mode and enjoy. It's great when you share this game with your friends. Join your friends now to join the game so that you can become professional designers for princesses. Explore more into a few other similar game genres Jet Ski Stunt Driver and Offroad Bike Race 3D at  Controls: Arrows / WASD = drive, Space = brake

Pottery Online

Pottery Online is a fun pottery simulator for you to create beautiful pieces of art, from modern vases to fancy sculptures, and you can play it online and for free. As the clay spins, you have to remove parts of it to create the shape shown on the top right part of the screen. If you remove too much, that green area will become red, meaning you lost a star. Finish each and every level with three stars to become a master in free online pottery. You will know when to stop, once you have reached the green part of the clay.  Please share it with your friends. Join your friends right now in the game to get the chance to start with the most intriguing challenge ever. Allow yourself to participate in some games of other generals such as Geometry Dash and Ball Picker 3D at  Controls: Mouse

Vehicle Wars Multiplayer

Vehicle Wars Multiplayer is a fascinating first person shooter with cool block graphics to enjoy online on abcya free games. Enter a battlefield and join the Swat or the Mercenary team and just shoot your enemies down using a wide variety of weapons, from hand guns to grenade launchers. Earn money to purchase a car armed with a machine gun, or a battle helicopter to shoot at your enemies from the heights. What makes this game really fun, is you can also buy war vehicles to destroy your opponents.  What do you think when you share this fascinating game with your friends and invite your friends to start right now into the game. Remember to allow yourself to add one to the same interesting game genre as Rolling Domino Online and Torture The Trollface at  Contros: WASD = move, Mouse = aim / shoot, Space = jump, Shift = run, C = crouch, 1-9 = weapons, E = enter shop / vehicle

Jet Ski Stunt Driver

Jet Ski Stunt Driver is a cool jet ski racing game with some incredible tracks full of ramps for you to practice your skills online on abcya free games. Try to reach the finish line as fast as possible riding one of these badass vehicles and collect all sorts of objects on your way, like stars, coins or treasure chests.  Being a mix between a motorbike and a high speed boat, the jet ski is certainly one of the coolest vehicles in the world, that’s why they always have such awesome designs. You can choose between three different locations, which are forest, cave or sea, and each one of them offers you lots of levels to compete on.  Kids of all ages have fallen in love with this addictive and continuous gameplay, therefore, take some time off to enjoy more high-quality game like Offroad Bike Race 3D and Moto X3M 4 Winter at!  Controls: Arrows / WASD = drive

Ball Picker 3D

Ball Picker 3D is a fun and challenging game to play online on abcya games. Imagine a platform full of little balls scattered all over it. As a magnet shaped object advances, your goal is to control it from side to side in order to pick as many balls as possible to unlock the next level. What is it about humans and our constant need for order, right? It feels sort of satisfying to see a messy surface being cleared up, that’s why this game is so enjoyable and addicting. Remember to share this game with your friends and invite your friends to join right now to the game to enjoy the relaxing moments together without worrying about anything. Why don't you allow yourself to explore some other interesting game genres like Geometry Dash and Ice Cream Inc. at  Controls: Mouse

Rolling Domino Online

The Rolling Domino Online is a fun and leisure game on abcya free games 2020. In the game, players need to knock down all dominoes with a small ball. The operation of the game is very simple. Players only need to control the ball with their fingers to complete the challenge.  It is required for you to launch the ball to crash the pivotal position of the Domino block which is used to roll down all the blocks to complete each level. It's not easy to hit and destroy all dominoes at one time in the game Rolling Domino Online, good luck! Surely, each game gives you a different experience and they may or may not suit your taste. However, it’s worth to try and find out which game is the perfect one for you. Maybe, this is it. Enjoy your time here and remember to discover more when you visit our site. Torture The Trollface and Wood Shop are suggestions for you this time.  Control: Slide on the screen to play

Ice Cream Inc.

Ice Cream Inc is a very interesting ice cream making leisure game on abcya free games. There are different colors of ice cream for you to choose. Make different colors, different containers, cups, crispy cakes, make sundaes, popsicles, etc. It's good-looking and delicious. Run your ice cream company well in Ice Cream Inc. What do you think when you share this fascinating game with your friends and invite your friends to start right now into the game. Remember to allow yourself to add one to the same interesting game genre as Geometry Dash and Homer City 3D at  Control: Press the number on the keyboard or tap on the screen to play

Torture The Trollface

Torture the Trollface is a funny, but brutal game where you need to torture a troll face on abcya free games 2020. Collect coins and unlock all weapons. You can choose between slower and faster game, it’s all up to you. There are many tools and weapons that can be used to kick trolls.  There’s a lot of them out there and they have but one purpose – to help you with your torture needs. These can be knives, weapons, bombs, or simple fists. Aside from that you can also play the game on your mobile phone. Do not forget to share this fascinating game with your friends and invite your friends to join the game today to experience an extremely amazing and interesting game. Do not hesitate but challenge yourself to add some other interesting game genres like Wood Shop and Pixel Slime at 

Jetpack Jump

Jetpack Jump is not only a skillful arcade but also a broad-jump simulation game with 3D pixel game art animation on abcya free games. It is managed for you to aim at the perfect jump point to jump the longest distance and make high scores.  It would be great if you could share this game with your friends and invite your friends to join right now into the game to participate in a battle full of deadly traps. Don't hesitate, experience some other similar game genres like Sniper Clash 3D and Tank VS Golems 2 at  Control: Mouse click or tap the screen to play

Homer City 3D

Homer City 3D is not only a baseball simulation but also a skillful arcade game that is made of 3D stickman game art animation. Homer City 3D is actually a baseball arcade game that is made of 3D stickman game art animation. It is managed for you to beat your opponent by means of hitting the baseballs with perfect shots. The more perfect shots you made, the more points you could get. Keep calm and have fun Homer City 3D! This game suits all ages due to its simple rule and interesting gameplay. If you don’t know what to do in your spare time, let’s spend your time playing this game and you won’t regret. Have the best gaming experience and enjoy more fun with  Geometry Dash and Adam and Eve 7 at  Control: tap

Sniper Clash 3D

Sniper Clash 3D is shooting game in the Clash 3D series. In this abcya game, you control a character with a deadly sniper. Your mission is to capture the enemy team's flag and bring it back to your base. Use a tactical approach and dominate the battlefield! Take a role of a secret agent sniper to infiltrate and seize the trophy relic from the evil desert nomads. Aim and shoot to kill. Survive the storm in the desert surrounded by greeny palm trees against the sunset evening sky. Besides this game, you should want to enjoy other options such as Cube Battle Royale and Mr Bullet Online at Features Third-person capture-the-flag game Hidden bazooka Speed ramps and a trampoline Upgradeable character as you level up Platform Web browser (desktop and mobile) Controls WASD or arrow keys to move Left mouse button to shoot Right mouse button to aim

Offroad Bike Race 3D

Offroad Bike Race 3D is a cool bike racing game with some awesome tracks packed with obstacles and deadly traps for you to enjoy online on abc free games. Just hop on you motorcycle and start speeding through these floating platforms that include all sorts of obstructions, from challenging right angled curves to mechanic hammers. Just try to finish each and every level to prove your skills and have fun playing this free online Offroad Bike Race 3D game! Remember to share this fascinating game with your friends and invite your friends to join the game today to have the opportunity to challenge yourself in an extremely attractive adventure game. It would be great if you participated in some other similar game genres like Moto X3M 4 Winter and Moto X3M 5 Pool Party at Controls: Arrows / WASD = drive, Space = brake

Wood Shop

Wood Shop is a fun-addicting free online game about woodworking on abc ya free games. This amazing task consists on using different tools to alter the shape of a spinning piece of wood in order to create symmetrical objects, like a cup or a chess piece.   Turn the wood, add the needed finishing touches and paint your art in your chosen color. Once you are done with the shape, you also get the chance of painting your object in the colors you want. Of course, you will have to make them look as similar as possible to the object shown on every level to earn points. Don't forget to share this wonderful thing with your friends and invite them to join the game so they can have relaxing moments together. If you love this kind of game, you can join some similar games like Pixel Slime and The Fish Master at Wish you always be the winning player!  Controls: Mouse

Moto X3M 4 Winter

The snowy road does make it difficult. Welcome to an exciting new snow driving game just released Moto XM Winter at ABCya com! Luck has come to you?

Moto X3M 5 Pool Party

Adventure is what you like. If so, come and join now to the game Moto X3M 5 Pool Party at to experience the most wonderful feeling.

Extreme Asphalt Car Racing

Burn your way with unbelievable speeds in the game Extreme Asphalt Car Racing at ABC ya. Are you ready to take on challenges? More fun!

Two Punk Racing

The future world is waiting for you to experience an amazing race in the game Two Punk Racing at www.ABCya com! Discover how to experience it!

Pixel Slime

Pixel Slime at is a unique automated platform game that challenges you extremely happily just released. What are you still hesitating? Join now!

Tank VS Golems 2

The golems is coming! Move your Tank! Kill Them with the bullets! We update new games similar to this game for players to explore in their free time and you will be amazed at the world of other games like GunShoot Gang and Space Blaze 2 Choose one of those games and save it to your favorite game list today.  Enjoy with

The Fish Master

The Fish Master is fun addictive hyper casual game. Catch as many fishes as you can. Improve your fishing line to go deeper and catch more fish. Become the ultimate fish master!

Candy Riddles: Free Match 3 Puzzle Games

Enjoy Candy Riddles - the sweetest match 3 puzzle! . Experience right now into the game Candy Riddles: Free Match 3 Puzzle at!

Traffic Command

Control the flow of the traffic in each level to avoid any accidents. Simply switch the traffic light from red to green and back to red to start and stop the flow of traffic. Watch out for cars that you can not control as you attempt to cross enough cars

GunShoot Gang

Survival pixel gang shooting is here with a great jungle map and a lot of mission in campaign, each campaign have own difficulty with different map also much abcya game mode waiting you to try with friends around the world and also can chat with them by p

Advanced Block Paintball

Paintball technology is used by military forces and security organizations. Advanced Block Paintball is an awesome first person shooter game on abcya free games. Choose from a variety of different weapons to fire. Fight against hundreds of other players

Collect items to become the biggest goose ever in the game at ABC ya. The top position in the table is still waiting for your name.

Moto X3M 6: Spooky Land

Halloween will once again appear in the online game Moto X3M 6: Spooky Land at Abcya 3 games online. Explore this region through your exciting motorbike driving game.

Car Eats Car 2

Drive your car in Car Eats Car 2 and use turbo and bombs to escape the cannibal car chasers! Fight with ferocious cannibal hunter

There is an amazing world out there, hidden in the skies, where dragons live flying free over the fuzzy clouds. Their lands are incredible magic where every dragon protect their home by fighting at the cost of their lives. This time all the baby dragons h

Football Masters

Football Masters - Discover a challenging soccer game. Choose your favorite team and join a tournament where only the best fight for the title.

Space Blaze 2

Space Blaze 2 - Fight off the evil enemies in space. Move through hyperspace with Space Blaze 2!

Adam and Eve 7

Adam and Eve 7 - New puzzles, adventure and dangerous dinosaurs! Help Adam save the love of his life in Adam and Eve 7 games at Abcya3 games.